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27 Apr

Thanks to Mandi at Vintage Revivals and her second FFA Challenge (which has nothing to do with future farmers!), I discovered the coolest little quiz from HomeGoods.  Now, I’m one of those girls who loves taking a quiz…guess it brings me back to my Teen Magazine days when I wanted to find out what celebrity I was most compatible with.  Unfortunately for me, Jonathan Taylor Thomas didn’t take the ‘what non-celebrity are you most compatible with’ quiz because it would have obviously said ME!  Just kidding, it all ended well for me…hubs is WAY better than JTT.  What is JTT up to these days anyway?

Wow…can I say tangent?!  OK, back to business…usually the quizzes I take are only halfway correct…much to my disappointment.  However, this one was dead on!  According to everyone who commented on Mandi’s blog, it was dead on for them too…kinda freaky!

So here are my results:

Whitney, you are an Earthy Casual

You’re interested in creating a welcoming home where people feel comfortable and happiness flourishes. You appreciate the warmth and individuality of natural materials and handcrafted things and are inspired by colors and forms from nature. You love mixing up different textures and are sensitive to the tactile qualities of objects. Your style is grounded and solid, not flighty or frilly. And you are never taken in by the trend of the moment.

You value serenity. While there are probably a lot of interesting things in your home, they are joined by your taste or a certain palette that keeps them in harmony. You appreciate the beauty in simple forms. Whether fancy or plain, you appreciate things that are well made and function as well as they look. You also have a strong respect for the environment and craftsmanship. You care about how things are made, and how they are used.

Putting Your Style to Work!
With your style and needs in mind, here are a few tips that will help you make your home a little happier.

1. Your Design Challenge: MAXIMIZE Design is all about tricks, and with small spaces, the game is to literally trick the eye. Mirrors obviously expand a sense of space, and if possible, place them across from windows so they pick up the light and the outdoors. Leggy furniture gives the illusion of more space, as you can see under it. And, a mix of upholstered and non-upholstered pieces also makes a room feel less dense. Also, consider multi-tasking furniture, like a dining table pushed against the wall—it can be a desk by day and gets pulled out for dinner parties. Or a bedside table big enough to accommodate a chair and function as a desk.

2. Your Happy Place You can make your bath like your own private spa, an escape from the world—even if you share it! Consider making every useful thing beautiful—from the soap dish and toothbrush cup to a pretty jar for cotton balls and a plush, new set of matching towels (white is the most calming and spa-like). You deserve this! Using trays for corralling perfumes and bowls or cups for makeup will make things look organized and attractive. A really lovely idea, if you have space, is to include some real furniture like a little lamp or a stool for setting towels or even a comfy chair by the tub!

3. Be Party-Ready All the Time!

Scent: The first thing you notice about a home is how it smells. Use naturally fragrant cleaning products. If you find a scented candle or fresh potpourri you love, stock up on it. Any scent you like, whether perfume or linen spray, can be used on upholstery, bedding or just spritzed into the air.

Mood: Nice, flattering light makes us feel good. So nix the harsh, direct light from overhead fixtures in favor of the softer glow from floor and table lamps. Also, stock up on some votive candles and a couple of hurricane lanterns for setting around the room.

Food: Devote space in your pantry or on a shelf for go-to party essentials: crackers, dip, chips, nuts—whatever you like to serve. Keep on hand a collection of attractive bowls and cocktail napkins, and you’ll be able to set a spread—instantly!

Drink: The simplest and chicest thing is to have a drinks tray or table always set up. Include a mix of pretty glasses, an ice bucket, a lovely pitcher, and bottles of soda and water. When the bell rings, just add ice and limes.

My Happy Home Colors:

I do love me some yellow!  And the walls in the living room and kitchen were painted orange in our old house!  (sounds crazy, but it totally worked!)

I know that is a lot of information, but I thought it was so cool!

So now it’s your turn.  Head over to the HomeGoods website and take the quiz.  Then let me know in the comments section what they came up with for you and if it is completely accurate or way off.

Oh…and Happy Friday!!!  We are stopping by the house tonight after work…can’t wait to see the latest progress!!


Progress – Framing

25 Apr

Every time Hubs and I pull up to the house we are like little kids seeing Disney World for the first time. Our faces light up with sheer and utter excitement. This was, by far the happiest day of the process so far…

On April 14th, almost the whole first floor was framed.

It’s actually starting to look like a house!  The 2D plans that we have stared at for  what seems like forever are finally 3D!  We were overcome with excitement as we walked through each room of the house.

The picture below is taken from the mudroom looking through the kitchen and into the living room.

The pipe in the middle of the floor will be where our island is and on the back wall you can see where the fireplace and windows will be.

This picture is taken from the opposite corner of the living room, looking back towards the kitchen.

Of course all you can probably see are boards going everywhere!  Most are studs for the walls, but the rest are to hold the walls up.  They will come down as the rest of the house is complete and it will be much easier to visualize.

And what’s a post without a picture of hubs and his handy dandy tape measure!

We leave one in the car, along with a copy of our plans, ever since the foundation scare.

Here is the back of the house.

The left side is our covered patio which will extend to an uncovered patio.  That will be poured when they do the driveway and front porch.

So…I have a confession to make.  Hubs and I agreed early on that we would go to the house together once a week so that we could really see the progress that was made (usually Friday with an occasional trip back on Saturday just for fun).  However, this felt like the longest week ever waiting to see what would be next since the foundation was set, especially since I work so close to the neighborhood…so I cheated.  I happened to have a doctor appointment close by so I just HAD to stop and sneak a peek at the progress (even though hubs was not with me, so sorry hubs!).

The picture below was taken on Wednesday April 11th.  Sorry for the poor phone camera quality.


The first thing I saw was that we had a special delivery of wood in our front yard…then I noticed that there were two men working on the first wall of our house.  I was beaming with joy over the thought of the walls going up.  Needless to say, 2 1/2 days later the first floor was completely framed out as you saw in the pictures above.  I’m telling you…these guys move quick!!

We met with Brent to see what we needed to be working on and discuss a few things.  He told us that as long as it didn’t rain our house would be under roof in a week…what did I tell ya??  QUICK!  He also told us to be picking out exterior colors and the next step after that would be tile and then cabinets.

We had to send him a picture of windows we liked so he could order them.  This is what we sent him.

We loved the craftsman look of this window, but picture it in white.  They will be going in soon and we can’t wait to see how they look in real life on our house.  It’s getting to the point where we have to make some major decisions regarding the house and it is getting kind of nerve-wracking trying to be 100% sure.

Anyways, while we were at the house, we met our new neighbor, Ron.  We were so excited to officially meet someone in the neighborhood.  That is one thing we are really hoping for here…community.  It felt good to meet someone before our house is even done.  Hopefully next time we will meet his girlfriend and son.

Has anyone ever built a house?  Is there any advice you can give us on what to do or what not to do?  We need all the help that we can get!

Progress – Foundation Poured

20 Apr

Each stage of the house is increasingly more exciting than the last for us.

So, as of April 9th, the most exciting part so far was seeing the foundation poured.

The foundation is one of the most important parts of the house.  It can make or break it.  Without a strong foundation the walls could crumble down at any moment.  However, the most exciting part is that the foundation is done and the framing can begin!  That is when we will really see the rooms that we’ve stared at on paper for so long come to life.  We are so ready for that.

Until then, you will have to settle for an up close and personal shot of the foundation.

We never thought that we’d be so excited over a slab of concrete!

Just for fun, I thought I’d show you what I’ve been working on recently…

This is my inspiration board for our Living Room.  I love the light/bright colors.  It is so fun and airy.  In case you are wondering, our couch will ‘float’ in the room and behind it is the kitchen so that is why I don’t have anything hanging over the couch, but I’m thinking that color gray will be perfect for the living/kitchen area.  (Side Note:  If you haven’t checked out Polyvore, it’s pretty awesome!  Such a great way to see how everything will look together before you spend tons of money…also good for showing the Hubs!)  Sadly, the only thing we own in the picture right now is the couch, so it will be a long process to actually make it look like the picture.  Plus, I’m thinking Hubs might need some persuading, but I’ve got several months…right?!

Here’s to wishing and hoping and, of course, daydreaming!

Progress – Foundation

17 Apr

I have no idea what happened, but I wrote and published a whole post on Wednesday and today it completely disappeared!  Oh, the frustrations of starting a new blog!  Here is my best attempt to recreate it…

Every time we go visit the house and see the progress that has been made, we can’t help but get excited as we see it all come to life.

On March 31st, it was no different.

Our ‘house’ was no longer just a concrete outline on the lot.  They had laid cinder blocks on the footers and poured gravel as a base for the foundation to eventually be poured.

The picture below is taken from the back corner of our house where our bedroom will be.

The one thing that no one told us is how SMALL it would look at this stage!  I’m talking ‘how-in-the-heck-are-all-the-rooms-going-to-fit-on-this-tiny-square’ small.  Seriously, like ‘there-is-no-way-that-they-are-going-by-the-same-plans-that-we-have’ small!  It was crazy.  I think we were both a little nervous.  So much so in fact, that we came back the next day to measure everything according to our plans.

Hubs was especially nervous.  Here he is checking things out.

We still weren’t completely convinced even after we measured, but we recently spoke with Susan, the woman who drew up the plans, and she said that it happens every time.  Even after doing this several years, she said that she has to remind herself that it always looks much smaller at this stage and everything will fit when they start framing.  That was a huge comfort to us.  I don’t know what it is, but if you are ever building a house please don’t freak out at this stage like we did…It’s a little embarrassing looking back on it!  Just know that it will work.  Even if you think your house will end up looking like a clown car with all the rooms stuffed in there any which way…it will be fine.  It’s the strangest thing…really.

Anyways, we went back for a visit on April 5th before we left town for Easter.

We had hoped for more progress this week, but the plumbing was laid in further preparation to pour the foundation.  We were OK with this because every step is a step closer to pouring the foundation, which is a step closer to framing, which is a step closer to putting in all the fun details!  I’m getting giddy just thinking about it.  We were still really excited and even though it was raining I even took hubs on a ‘tour’ of our new home as if it were finished.  We just got to imagine that it was. 🙂

Here is a closer picture so you can see everything that is going on.

The two on the left are for the master bathroom (sink and shower).  The two in the back are for the laundry room.  The one in the front on the right is for the sink that is going on our kitchen island.  And finally, it took us over a week to figure out what the one in the middle was for.  We were hoping that our builder was going to surprise us with one of those faucets that goes over the stove.  That would have been sweet!  Unfortunately, we realized that it is for the plumbing in the upstairs bathroom…DUH!  Can you tell this is the first time we are building a house??

So now that you are well-acquainted with the pluming in our house…maybe I over-shared a bit!  We are getting closer and closer to being caught up to the present.  Things are about to start moving very quickly!

Progress – Groundwork

16 Apr

An update on the progress of our house is long overdue, so get ready for a crash course.

The long story started over a year ago when we first drove through Waterhaven and eventually met Brent Mercer.  We liked a lot about the neighborhood and Brent’s houses.  We ended up looking at several other neighborhoods and talking with many other builders.  We also considered buying an older home or even fixing up a foreclosure.  However, for many reasons we kept coming back to Waterhaven and Brent.

After searching and searching we finally decided that in Chattanooga’s market, building would be the best thing for us to do to get the most for our money and everything we really wanted.  We found a house plan that we loved on and decided to see if Brent could build it for us.  Long story short, we chose a lot and had to redesign the plans so they would work on the lot we chose.  We met with Susan who worked her magic and designed a house we liked even better than the original.  We have stared and stared at the plans and get even more excited to see the finished product each time.

Once we had the contract finalized, we signed and put our deposit down on April 24th.

Here is a picture of our lot that we took on March 3rd before any construction had begun.

Before any construction could be started the plans had to be presented to the HOA ARC to be approved.  They met on March 7th and by March 9th the ground had been broken…

Finally, the real work began…March 23rd looked like this:

Footers were poured, which basically outlined the foundation of our house.  The little square on the front section of the picture below is our front porch.  It began to feel a little more ‘real’!

We were so excited to see the first step in our dream home come to life.  Of course, we still have a long way to go, but this was the first major thing that had been done on our lot and it started to feel a little more like home.

Please disregard the dirtiness of my hair in the picture above, I promise I’m not always that dirty.  Check back tomorrow for the next 2 weeks worth of progress.

Happy Good Friday

6 Apr

Just wanted to let you know that I will be absent the next few days.  We are going to Kentucky to celebrate Easter with Hubs’ family and throw his brother and sister-in-law a baby shower (What a wonderful time to celebrate new life!).  I didn’t get a chance to upload our house pictures yet so I’ll get to that next week.  Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

For this is the will of my Father, that everyone who looks on the Son and believes in him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.  John 6:40


4 Apr

Today is all about inspiration.  You already know that I love me some pinterest, so you can guess where most of my inspiration for our house comes from.  So let’s get right to it so you can see the parts of our house that we are most excited about…

First up…the stairs:

This is an idea of what our stairs will look like in our foyer.  Unfortunately, they will not be so grand and will definitely not have that sweet window seat (I mean how cool is that??).  We love stairs with landings like that one three steps up and we also love the square newel posts, although ours will not be that big.  You get the idea.

Next up…Dining Room:

Across from the stairs is the dining room.  We love craftsman bungalows so a lot of things in our house will have that influence.  From the picture above we want to recreate the half-walls with columns (possibly with built in cabinets, but we will have to see about that).  By the way, how gorgeous are those front doors??


I just love this fireplace, don’t you?  The stacked stone, the built-ins, the square windows on either side and the moldings under the mantle.  I’m really excited about seeing this come to fruition.

One of my favorite parts…The Banquette:

Come on…that is amazing.  Ours will be tucked away in a little nook so it won’t be quite that open to the kitchen and there probably won’t be room for chairs on the other side of the table, but there will be a built in bench with cushions and lots of fun pillows and a corner of windows letting in lots of light.  I know that was a run on sentence, but there is so much good stuff in it I don’t even care!

Mud Room:

We are going to have a small mudroom right inside the garage before you enter the kitchen.  This was the perfect spot for the lockers I have been lusting over for years.  It will be the perfect spot for hubs’ giant lunch box he takes to work every day, as well as my purse and our coats, keys, etc.  Our lockers won’t be that large and I think we will only have room for 3, but I am excited none-the-less.

Finally…the kitchen:

Again, this is for inspiration purposes only.  However there are a few similarities like:  dark hardwood floors, white cabinets, hood over range, island with farmhouse sink, grey walls, and some pops of color possibly similar to the color scheme below:

I just love the soft, bright colors.  This will carry over to our living room as well since it’s all open.

And…just for fun:

I have been loving this chandelier from West Elm for years.  I’m hoping to be able to put it in the dining room.

And speaking of things I’m dying to get….

How beautiful is that chair from Crate and Barrel?! It would be so perfect with a bright colored pillow in say, I don’t know, yellow!  I want it, please.  It would be the perfect addition to our living room.  I think we need 2!

Anyways, I hope that gives everyone a better idea of what our house will look like.  All of the above pictures can be found on my pinterest boards home decor and room inspiration.

I’ll try to post the progress on our house so far later this week.  We are taking a picture each week to track the process.  However, they started a few weeks ago so we have some catching up to do.

Hello world!

2 Apr

This is the story of me, hubs, and the house we are building (along with a few other random things, I’m sure). We absolutely love making a house a home and everything that goes along with it. Most weekends we find ourselves wandering through houses that are under construction…even when we have no intention of buying! In fact, my pinterest obsession has grown out of this love. It is PERFECT for me. I love getting ideas and seeing what other people like…so fun!

Anyways, back to the point…I don’t know if anyone will actually read this, but we thought it would be a fun way to document the process of building our dream home. The Lord has blessed us so much and we could not be doing any of this without his help. He is our guide and our rock. We came up with the name of the blog from the verse Psalm 26:8 which says, “LORD, I love the house where you live, the place where your glory dwells.” Our prayer is that our home will be a place where the Lord lives and his glory dwells…not only while we live there, but for all who will dwell there in the future. We want it to be a welcoming and happy home…a safe haven…and we are excited to see how the Lord will use it in our lives.

On a side note, I have to give a shout out to our alma mater. The University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball team won the NCAA National Championship last night and we are very proud alum! We are so proud of them and to be a part of such a prestigious program. We only wish we were there to celebrate OR that it would have happened while we were in college!! It is super exciting to say the least. 8 National Championships and the first in my Wildcat fan lifetime! (Hubs has had a few more since he grew up in KY and has loved the Cats his whole life.)

If it’s not pinterest, it’s basketball! I obviously need a new hobby!