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Progress – Groundwork

16 Apr

An update on the progress of our house is long overdue, so get ready for a crash course.

The long story started over a year ago when we first drove through Waterhaven and eventually met Brent Mercer.  We liked a lot about the neighborhood and Brent’s houses.  We ended up looking at several other neighborhoods and talking with many other builders.  We also considered buying an older home or even fixing up a foreclosure.  However, for many reasons we kept coming back to Waterhaven and Brent.

After searching and searching we finally decided that in Chattanooga’s market, building would be the best thing for us to do to get the most for our money and everything we really wanted.  We found a house plan that we loved on coolhouseplans.com and decided to see if Brent could build it for us.  Long story short, we chose a lot and had to redesign the plans so they would work on the lot we chose.  We met with Susan who worked her magic and designed a house we liked even better than the original.  We have stared and stared at the plans and get even more excited to see the finished product each time.

Once we had the contract finalized, we signed and put our deposit down on April 24th.

Here is a picture of our lot that we took on March 3rd before any construction had begun.

Before any construction could be started the plans had to be presented to the HOA ARC to be approved.  They met on March 7th and by March 9th the ground had been broken…

Finally, the real work began…March 23rd looked like this:

Footers were poured, which basically outlined the foundation of our house.  The little square on the front section of the picture below is our front porch.  It began to feel a little more ‘real’!

We were so excited to see the first step in our dream home come to life.  Of course, we still have a long way to go, but this was the first major thing that had been done on our lot and it started to feel a little more like home.

Please disregard the dirtiness of my hair in the picture above, I promise I’m not always that dirty.  Check back tomorrow for the next 2 weeks worth of progress.