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Progress – Inner Workings

23 May

First of all, I apologize for being MIA.  I got a little bit behind on the progress…partly because we were out of town celebrating my dad’s birthday and mother’s day, partly because I was having technical difficulties with wordpress, but mostly because I just didn’t get around to it.  All that said, we have a lot of catching up to do!

On Friday, May 4th we met with the electrician at the house to make sure that there were outlets and cable jacks everywhere we knew we were going to want one.  For the most part, based on codes, he had them placed better than we imagined.  I guess because he does this for a living, who would’ve thought!  The main thing we wanted to meet with him on were the two outlets that we are placing on the floor of our living room.  Due to the nature of our open floor plan, we have to float our couch in the middle of the room.  To avoid cords running across the floor to the walls, we decided to have outlets placed on the floor under where our couch will be.  This way, they can just run under the rug and couch and not be a trip hazard.

While they were working on wiring, they were installing windows, the hvac and ductwork, as well as putting the shingles on our roof.  Needless to say, when we went back on May 5th to take pictures our house looked quite a bit different than it did a week ago.

Except of course, for the giant dumpster right in front of it, but you get the idea!

Here is the back of the house…missing a few windows, but the roof is done.

The picture below is taken on the covered porch of the windows that will be over the banquette.

I think they turned out so well!!

The picture below of the kitchen/living room doesn’t look that much different, except for the duct work running through the ceiling.

And the banquette and laundry room with the wiring.

We are thinking about running the built in benches for the banquette as a U instead of an L.  We have quite a bit more width than we thought we would so we could easily make it a U.  Something we are still debating, but think it might make it look a little more finished.

Here is the master bedroom with wiring and windows!  I just love getting to see them installed.

Below is our water closet with the plumbing and electric run and the window installed.

This is the wall to the right when you walk in the house via the garage/mudroom.  It is where our fridge and pantries will be.

You can see the plumbing and electric…as well as the tub/shower that was delivered on accident for the upstairs bathroom.  It was supposed to be just a tub since the shower surround will be tiled.  They have since delivered and installed the correct tub, but the wrong one still sits in our garage.  We’re starting to think it will come with the house…maybe we can Craigslist it! 🙂

This is a shot of the foyer looking from the living room.

See that giant window that is going to have a huge presence from the front of the house?  Well, it happens to be in the half bathroom.  I know…AWKWARD!  Don’t worry…we already have plans to add some pretty shutters so that the light won’t be blocked, but it will feel a tad more private.  We’ll make it work.

And of course…our lovely dining room window taken from the front porch.

I love how much light is going to come streaming through it!

On to the upstairs…

Our bonus room with windows and wiring installed.

And the upstairs bathroom just about ready for tile and cabinets.

OK, I might be getting a little ahead of myself.  First comes drywall…then the tile and cabinets.

And now, for the debut of our bathtub…

The correct one!  I love it…but probably because it just makes the room look like an actual bathroom!

Another pleasant surprise was in the storage space over our garage.

Remember how it was framed…accidentally?  Well, because of that and codes, they had to run electricity to it.  So now the room is wired and completely ready to be finished out…all it needs is some drywall and a door for a closet.

Even though it will be a very long time if we ever do finish it out, we have been daydreaming about what it could become.  My thought is a bunk-room for guests and kids’ sleepovers.  I’ve been eying this one from pinterest for a while!

It would be a little taller and wider than this picture (I’m pretty sure this used to be an attic), but can you picture it?  I love the curtains to close off the beds, and the sconces, and especially the wood paneled ceiling.  But for now, it will just be a ton of storage space for Christmas Decorations and boxes filled with college and high school memories.  We’ll take it!

Just for fun, here is a picture of one of the HVAC units.

It is on the left side of the storage room.  We made sure they put it behind the framed out walls so we could make the most of the room that they gave us…accidentally.  🙂

Not sure if you noticed in the picture earlier, but that big silver tube running upstairs in the laundry room is our intake.

We were kinda bummed that it had to go here because we had to lose a cabinet in our laundry room since the washer and dryer had to shift down almost a foot.  But, because our first floor is so open, there weren’t a lot of options of free walls to put the intake in.  Not the end of the world…it could be way worse.

Finally, a shot of our back porch.

The outdoor fireplace is going in the corner.  We have been really excited about the fireplace and I have already informed hubs that if we have an outdoor fireplace we must ALWAYS have s’more ingredients on hand!  You never know when you might need them.  That will be such a great way to spend a spring/fall night.

Because we were so excited about how everything was coming together, we decided it was time for another self portrait.

The hardest part about visiting our house and seeing the progress is that we get more and more anxious for it to be done so we can move it.  I am so ready to decorate and make our house a home.  I get more and more excited every time and it gets harder and harder to be patient!

Our next step is to pick out cabinets and meet with the cabinet maker, but more on that next time.  Anyone have any cabinet advice?  Anything you wish you had done differently or would change if you could?  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…we  need all the advice we can get!